The biggest challenges to recruiting

Recruiting the best talent for your business can be a difficult task. Businesses can face plenty of challenges along the way. If not tackled, these challenges can lead to long, drawn out processes that result in a poor hire and potential damage to your brand.

Poor candidate experience and a lengthy process

Poor candidate experience can have a significant impact on your brand image and reputation. A candidate who has a negative experience during the recruitment process is likely to tell others. Aim to have the best possible communication with candidates through personalised contact during each stage of the process. This applies just as much to candidates who are not right for a role. A slow recruitment process can also impact on the candidate experience, with many stronger candidates likely to pull out if it is taking too long. If this is a problem for your business, then you need to find ways to speed up your time to hire. Using technology to store and analyse CVs is just one possible solution.

Attracting poor candidates and bad hires

Attracting the highest quality candidates can be an issue. Engaging job descriptions with relevant keywords and job titles are essential. Try to build relationships with potential candidates ahead of the recruitment process so you already have an open dialogue and contact. Time pressures can sometimes lead to bad hires, another major challenge faced during recruitment. This can cost time, productivity and money. Improving screening tools can help to better match candidates to your business.

High recruitment spend

Recruitment spend is one of the most common issues faced by companies today and unsurprisingly, businesses are often looking to cut back in this area. But, hiring well can pay dividends in the future. Make sure that your systems and processes are as efficient as possible so that you make great hires every time.

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