Don’t Get Left Behind

For employers, it is vital that they always re-evaluate their current talent and the recruitment process in general.  It goes without saying that firms want to take on the very best new recruits — those most suited to the organisation. However, employing the most capable staff has become more challenging.

The Accountancy Industry

The accountancy industry is no exception. For all organisations looking to recruit the top talent, the ready supply of the most competent employees has fallen as demand increased.

In order to counteract this, employers must decipher what, beyond salary, attracts candidates to various organisations. Brand recognition is of course, one factor, but what else? It is incredibly important that employers learn to adapt according to the changing culture of the industry. Work ethos can have a huge impact on the type of candidate each organisation can attract and can place certain organisations ahead of the competition when it comes to recruiting the very top talent.

Shorter Timeframes

In order to ensure they get ahead, employers will need to change the way they source, attract and recruit. Timeframes will need to become much shorter.

These adjustments will go hand in hand with the changing landscape of recruitment. LinkedIn and other online jobs boards now enable recruiters to reach out to a much larger selection of potential candidates. However, there needs to be a plan in place for when these types of platforms are no longer the most effective for recruiting the best employees. Employers must put in place those processes which are most attractive to candidates. This is especially true given that candidates realise that the interview process, however it is conducted, is a good indication of the way organisations treat their employees in the longer term.