Improving Your Staff Retention

Once a candidate has been placed within your organisation it can be all too easy to assume that the recruitment phase is all but over.

However, the induction of a new hire is a vital stage in their recruitment that can have a real impact on whether or not the employee decides to stay within your organisation. It has been proven that the first six months of a new job are vital for the employee, as it is within this time that the new hire will base the majority of their decision on whether to stay or look for employment elsewhere.

As a result, don’t get caught up in simply ending the recruitment process once you’ve offered a potential candidate a new position. Put in place a process that guides them through the transitional period we all go through when joining a new place of work.

There are a few simple little tricks that you can adapt to suit your own business that can really work wonders in positively reassuring your new hire that they have indeed made the right choice in choosing to join your organisation; after all, a new job can mean a major, major life change and is not a decision any individual takes lightly.

In the space between offer acceptance and the new hire starting, stay in contact with them. This period of limbo can be a source of apprehension, and contact – perhaps even an informal meeting – offers both reassurance and develops a very strong sense of welcoming.

Of course, one of the clear trends of late 2017/early 2018 was the increase in on-the-job training. A clear outline of the training that your new hire will go through helps them to get to grips with what they can expect on the job. Removing this ambiguity can ease the starting process significantly.