Why should you choose a specialist recruitment agency?

We live in a world filled with information and tools. Job adverts get listed everywhere – apps, social media, websites and email lists – and new places seemingly appear every day. A job advert can be posted everywhere and attract unprecedented attention from a wide range of prospective employees. This could be seen as a quick and easy way to recruit, yet research has shown that for many firms, this can become a difficult, time consuming and expensive recruitment approach that distracts numerous team members from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Time is money. It can be said time and time again but it is often underestimated just how much time a rigorous recruitment process can really take. The initial time spent placing adverts on the internet is just the tip of an ever-growing iceberg. Once that advert is out there, the number of applications more often than not becomes too large to deal with.

The Recruitment Agency Advantage

Sifting through applications can take an age but using automated software to pick the right candidates routinely misses the best talent just because they failed to include the right buzzword in their CV. Using a recruitment consultancy, the best roles can be matched to the best people, the hard part is done for the client and only a small list of exceptional candidates is sent over. These candidates are hand picked and thoroughly assessed as being the best people for the role.

Not only do direct advertising campaigns result in a lot of applications, many of which are from unsuitable candidates, but they often miss informing suitable candidates of the role. In order to find a direct advert, the candidate has to be looking in the right place at the right time. With the overwhelming level of noise on the internet, this can be very difficult even for the most persistent eagle-eyed candidate, there is just too much information out there.

With recruitment consultancies, hiring managers need not worry about putting out far-reaching job adverts. The recruitment consultant will find the best candidates for the role, contacting them directly rather than relying on the applicant stumbling across the position while browsing LinkedIn. Recruitment consultancies have years of experience and extensive networks of professionals in order to find the best talent.

Insight and Candidate Fit

Our consultants have knowledge of not just the business model but also the requirements of the various accounting, regulatory and leadership roles, the location and the wider job market. All of this is essential in seeking out the right candidates for each client. Furthermore, specialist recruitment consultancies such as August Clarke work closely with hiring managers to build an understanding of the client’s business and their accounting and finance function.

Whilst there may be numerous candidates suited to the technical elements of the role, ensuring successful onboarding and a lasting hire requires that we understand precisely the type of person who will fit the organisational culture. We get to know you, your business, your culture and the composition of your teams. Our vast network guarantees reaching the most suitable candidates.

Successful Matching

Our professional accounting recruitment consultants don’t just know their clients, they invest the time to get to know the candidates as well. We are looking to create the best possible match for both the client and the candidate and this can only be achieved through an in-depth understanding of both parties. Relying solely upon direct advertising can never equal this, a short interview and a CV cannot tell the hiring manager everything they need to know while a short job description and a few questions at the end of an interview cannot give the applicant enough information either.

Working with an experienced recruitment consultancy ensures that more information, time and thought are put into every application, a clear understanding is obtained and a relationship formed to find the best match for the role through a trusted, time-tested process. It continues to be the best way to recruit for most organisations, saving time, money and greatly reducing the risk of a poor hire.

August Clarke is a high quality, independent accountancy recruitment consultancy with low staff turnover and expert consultants. We have many long-term clients who know and trust us. We strive to provide the best service to our clients and we have in-depth knowledge of the south coast market. We can provide contract and permanent personnel for all levels of finance roles. Please explore our website for more details and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and advice.